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To acquire a key, please come to a meeting.

Monthly Meeting - 7:00 PM January 8, 2015
at Sullivan Saddle Club
Final 2014 Points have been posted on the Show Rules and
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2014 Calendar of Events
There is a misprint in the 2014 show books.  You do NOT have to be a Sullivan Saddle Club member to qualify for year end awards

Photo Album
Do you have any photos to share? 
If you have any pictures from 2014 (or even previous years), please contact us.  We are in dire need of your photos.  If you have them on a CD, please bring it to a meeting or event.  You may also contact us at
webmaster@sullivansaddleclubsite.com to get an address where they can be mailed.  Other arrangements could also be made if you have them on a card or thumb drive.  A single photo, can be emailed to the above email address. 

Members Forum/Classifieds!
Any one can look!  Members need to join to be able to post